Presentation Covvid-PBM

Discover how to produce safe, comfortable and well-fitting face masks

Covid-19 is still holding us in its grip! One of the measures to prevent the spread of the virus is wearing face masks. But who can still see the wood for the trees?

What types of face masks are there? From which raw materials are they best made and what properties should they have? What about their comfort and fit? 

The Covvid-PBM project helps you screen the right raw materials, apply the best properties and produce the best fit for a prolonged, comfortable and safe use.

We would like to present our project to you during this online event.

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Webinar 17/12/2020

Introduction of the COVVID-PBM project: What is the difference between the various face mask types? How are they tested? What about comfort and fit? Which materials are used?