about us

About us


Centexbel presents ...

... the newest collective R&D and knowledge dissemination projects we have initiated or in which we are a research partner.

All our projects focus on the creation and transfer of hands-on knowledge and expertise to the industry.

Their common aim is to help your company in its innovation efforts, to support your transition to a circular economy and to provide you with the necessary tools to face the challenges of globalization, climate change, and more recently, of the international health crisis.

How can R&D solve your problem?

Because of the focus on industrial relevance, we invite you to participate in the guidance group of the project(s) that can make a difference to your company.

If you are interested in participating in one (or more) of the projects presented by Centexbel, fill in the form you will find on each project page for more information.

You can also ask the project manager to contact you for a phone or teams view call to discuss the project and its opportunities for your company in more detail!

Financing agencies

Our projects are selected, approved and co-financed by the following regional and European agencies: